8 RV Must Haves

1. CLEARSOURCE Water Filter System

This is a must have no matter what, full time traveling or full time parked!! When on the road and going to lots of different campgrounds with different water some cleaner than others but all pretty rough you NEED clean water. For drinking, showering little babies, showering yourself, cooking with, everything haha! We have been using the Clearsource water filter for a month now and it is absolutely amazing! Where we are now and with no filter, if we filled a white bowl up with water the water looked yellow… yes yellow!!! Now it is clear and safe drinking water and I feel SO much better showering and bathing my littles in this water! Links Below,
This is the one we personally have:
This is their other model which is a little less bulky if you plan to install inside your rv: https://www.clearsourcerv.com/products/clearsource-onboard-rv-water-filter-systems?variant=13047221452857 




2. Generator  

A must have, There are SO many instances where you won't have power traveling or living full time in an rv like loosing power or just simply boondocking it where there is no power to hook up to. We lost power for almost 24 hours in cold weather and this was our realization that we needed to get one asap haha! When you don't have power you can run the lights, water pump (if your water tank is filled up) to have water and your furnace but only as long as your battery will last, which for us was only 4 hours haha!   You can have your water heater and your fridge run off of propane so for the most part if it's not a long time you're good. But if it is for either of the two reasons listed above you will need a generator!! Just make sure that if you get a different generator that it is RV compatible. This is the generator we have invested in and love but we did also get it on sale. You can shop around to find sales but just make sure it has an rv plug. Link Below,


3. 50AMP female to 30AMP Male  OR 30AMP Male to 15AMP Female

This is really good to have on hand going from park to park. Sometimes you may not get a 50 AMP hook up and you will need this conversion tool! Link Below.


4. Heated Drinking Water Hose (for cold climates)

As we are full time RVers in Canada and we need items to get us through the cold winters, so if you are in canada or if you get temperatures below 0 degrees C you will need this along with the next item on this list. It's just like the regular drinking hose but you can plug it in and if the temp gets below 0 your water won't freeze. It has saved us many times in the Canadian cold. Link Below, 


5. Dehumidifier (for cold climates)

Having cold weather outside and your furnace running inside the condensation builds up quite a bit. Your windows in your rig end up getting so wet and you constantly have to wipe them down. But the dehumidifier takes the moisture out of the air and keeps the windows dry for the most part. Plus if you hang any clothes after washing them the dehumidifier works great for drying them extra fast ;)  Link Below,


6. Enjo Cleaning Products

Cleaning products take up a lot of space and oh my goodness does paper towel take up so much of it and then the obvious.. horrible for the environment!! I found these Enjo cleaning products shortly after we moved into the RV and they are AMAZING. It is cleaning with water!!! They have a product to replace every single disposable cleaning product out there, ALSO each product lasts 3 years and takes up a fraction of the space! I got these products from the Enjo queen on Instagram @lauracain_enjo . If you have any questions or interested in the products go visit Laura she knows it all and is so happy to answer any questions! 
Laura's Instagram Is  -   @lauracain_enjo 


7. Black Tank Treatments 

You HAVE to take care of your black tanks, if you don’t your black tank can get so ruined and you do NOT want to replace the black tank… you might as well just buy a new rv!! So two different items you need is a weekly treatment and then a more intense treatment that you would only do every month or two. The one that goes down weekly, looks like little laundry pods and you just toss one down each toilet once a week to keep build up away and as clean as it can be. Links Below,

This is what you need weekly - https://www.amazon.ca/Camco-41604-Ultra-Concentrated-Treatment-Formaldehyde/dp/B07GZ2SHC6/ref=sr_1_15?crid=2GBBMH5LKTFCG&dchild=1&keywords=rv+black+tank+cleaner&qid=1606174289&sprefix=rv+black+%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-15 

These are the treatment - https://www.amazon.ca/Unique-Products-413-1-Treatment-32-Ounce/dp/B003X3PQN2/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2GBBMH5LKTFCG&dchild=1&keywords=rv+black+tank+cleaner&qid=1606174392&sprefix=rv+black+%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-5 

If you have Kids

8. Beddies Bedding


This one is mostly for kids but can be great for adult beds as well. This bedding is all one piece and goes on like a fitted sheet. All you have to do is zip the side to get in or when you wake up in the morning all you do is zip the side and you're done. It keeps it very clean with no loose blankets flying all over the place. Link Below,






If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below or find us on Instagram (@murraylife). We are more than happy to answer any questions or just chat about RV life with you.


Lots of love,

The Murray's

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