About Murray Life


We are reinventing the word ‘Home’. Most people think of home as the house you live in, and a job as being the typical 9 to 5 kind of thing. All of these "cookie cutter" lifestyles that we all seem to get caught up with and before you know it they have taken over our lives. That house you "have" and that job you "need" to keep that house and that lifestyle all come at at price .... your freedom, relationships, and your time. Thats why we are saying NO, we have decided to give up that lifestyle. We realized that time is such a precious thing and that we will always have more time to make money but we won't ever be able to get the time back with our kids.  We are detaching from material things and are choosing to attach ourselves to family, memories and the experiences we are creating. "Home is together" and thats what we our wanting to share with all of you here at Murray Life.

Its our hope that you will follow us as we start out on our new adventure to  share with us as we down size, travel, and face all the obstacles along the way.