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The Greenery & Chalkboard Wall


I've had a lot of people ask me about the school room in our house, so I thought I would share how we put this room together. So first things first, this greenery wall!!!!! It gives me life!!! Honestly every time I am around this much greenery my heart swells with so much happiness and I feel relaxed. If it was up to me almost every wall in the house would be covered but I do live with Tyler and have to consider his feelings too haha. The kids absolutely love having the fun feature in there too. The biggest reason I chose to add it in this room in particular was to add a sense of fun, calmness, and happy. The fact that some homeschool days can be stressful this would at least help to lessen those days a little with having such a relaxing/fun aspect in the room. One extra fun feature with this wall is being able to hang the kids art on it with clothing pins. Weekly or daily the kids love interchanging there pieces of art. Then there is the chalkboard, a staple for having kids or homeschooling. The kids draw and write on it every day, they leave me funny little drawings of people... or poop (the joys of having a boy) haha. We accomplished this wall in three easy steps, 1st was painting on the chalkboard paint we got from home depot. 2nd step was staining and installing the trim around the chalkboard. We wanted the trim to sit flush with the greenery, so to do this Tyler made a jam extension the same depth as the greenery to instal the trim onto. 3rd was installing the Greenery wall which was also from home depot (end of season clearance yay). We used tin snips to cut the pieces when needed and the backs were all ready with strips of sticky stuff. The sticky stuff on the back worked to get it all on the wall, but it did need reinforcements with half inch by 1.5 inch crown staples. 


Why we chose a bed instead of a table and chairs? Well to be honest we did start off with a table and chairs in here but after i went to a homeschool conference back in December I realized the table and chairs were making homeschool so much worse for us. 5 minutes in being at the table and we were all frustrated. I think for myself I felt everything needed to be very proper, by the book and you HAD to do your work at the table. Funny… as soon as that table left and the bed went in, this room became so much more relaxed. A lot of it had to do with my mindset shift, but the kids fell in love with the school room all over again since we put the bed in there. They actually re-named it ‘The Fun Room’. We have put a lot of  thought into everything in this room to make it the most functional as possible. When the kids have a lot of writing to do, we go right on down to our big kitchen island.


Storage!! The whole wall of storage is all Ikea kitchen cabinets we got during the kitchen event to get a great deal! We have been using Ikea Pax wardrobes and kitchen for over 4 years now and they are so practical for storage and utilize space the best. We love using the 3D planner they have online to build exactly what you want and you can see it.  We have a drawer for crafts, paints, colouring books, ‘my stuff’, montessori learning tools and the upper glass cabinets are for our everyday stuff and for the kids to display things. On either side the kids have their own cabinet, then we have shared curriculums and the nature cabinet. A lot of people wouldn’t go for the glass cabinets but I love them because they make me stay clean and neat haha. Having a spot for everything really helps to keep things organized and run so much smother. Well this is our school room in a nutshell of why and how I styled it. It has my three all time favourite things, wood, white, and greenery.  If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.



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  • What an nice place to learn. I love that it still feels like you’re outside in nature.


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