Meet Tyler & Melissa


Tyler and I (Melissa) are high school sweet hearts that started our family young and have a lot of dreams that are coming true. We got married on December 23, 2011 at a beautiful hotel venue. We share 2 adorable children and two cute kitties. Tyler runs a carpentry business. I am a newborn/family photographer, homeschool the kids, and dabble in artsy things like macrame and sewing. We may not have many hobbies but we've been a little busy being renovating machines for the last 5 years. We have flipped two houses and this last house was our dream, and meant to be our forever house.  But we are giving it all up and selling everything to move into a trailer that we will renovate (obviously) and travel! Tyler and I are so excited to share this journey with you, and hopefully show you all that anything is possible!