Meet The Kids Mason & Charlotte




Hi I’m Mason, but my parents call me Mase and i’m almost 10 years old. My mom homeschools Charley and I and we love it because we spend so much time outside. My parents have been renovating for a long time now and I LOVE helping. My grandpa got me a tool belt last years and I have my own set of tools to help with the renovations. My favourite thing to do is building things with wood or lego.  I love finding and carving the sticks for the macrame with my mom. I really just enjoy creating things with both my parents its really fun. I cant wait to get into the trailer and travel the world.





Hey I’m Charlotte but EVERYONE calls me Charley and I am 6 years old. I have 4 taggie elephant stuffies and they all have the same name, Ellie and she is my favourite I have had her since I was a baby. I love playing with my Ellies, my baby dolls, and lego with Mase. I love getting my nails painted and having girl time with my mom, but I love playing outside with Mase and in the summer having mud baths. I also cant believe that we are moving into the trailer I cant wait to decorate it with mom.