Minimalist Baby Essentials

I am a BIG list maker. It has always been a joke that I always need a piece of paper and a pen to make sure I can take a note or make a list on the go. I got a little bit of OCD from my mom, Tyler may say I got a lot but we will leave it as a little bit for now. When we first found out we were pregnant we had JUST started the renovations on our RV. We were so excited and of course the first thing I did was… make a list of baby needs and make a budget. The list changed a lot over the next few months and all the way down to the month before Forrest was born. I am the type of person that likes to have everything I need and everything in its place and prepared for mostly everything. A little bit of background, when we had Mason and Charlotte we had EVERYTHING. The swings, all the toys, playpens, and everything else you could imagine haha there was not a minimalist bone in our body back then. So here is our essentials/minimalist list of baby items that we find to be the basics and best to have.

1.Stroller & Car Seat 

             This may seem a little basic and pretty obvious but the ones that we chose are specific to what we wanted and our favourites. We chose the Messa Infant Car seat and the UppaBaby Vista stroller. We chose this stroller because it can turn into a double stroller with the purchase of an extra seat. I’m still in my 20’s and I can't say i’m ‘done’ having kids for sure yet so the option of the double stroller is nice for us. This is also the stroller both my sisters had and I loved it. This company also just has the best customer service if something breaks or you need an extra part.


2. Baby Wraps/Carriers 

             I am a HUGE fan of baby wearing, as well as find it essential to get things done in the first couple months while still being able to do skin to skin or have cuddle time with babe to build that bond. My favourite wraps I have are the Solly baby wrap. Oh my goodness these wraps are heavenly. They also have a very informative IG account with baby and baby wearing facts. As Forrest is getting older we will also start using the ERGObaby 360 cool air mesh. I only liked this carrier for about 3 months or older. It is rated to use from a newborn and up, but that is just my personal preference. I used this carrier for our other babes in the past but not the 360 version as that is a new model of it.

Instagram - @sollybaby Website -

ERGObaby 360 cool air mesh 


Solly Baby Wrap


3. Baby Monitor 

This may sound a little funny living in 400 Sq ft but we obviously aren't using this monitor while we are INSIDE haha. Because we spend so much time outside, we can leave Forrest inside sleeping and just have the monitor outside with us. We also chose just the digital version because when we eventually get to travelling a bit we know we wont have wifi for those fancy video monitors. Then it's just the added perk that the digital ones are so much cheaper!!

Website link -

4. Diaper Bag

Choosing a Diaper bag was difficult because I didn't want this big giant bag to lug around a few diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and some snacks when they get older. I realized very quickly that there are no medium sized diaper bags haha, it's either Large or Small. The bag I found that would work best for us is the Fawn Design Backpack. It is not huge and fits just what we need for a day's outing. When I don't need a bigger bag, I have a smaller JUJUBE bag from when Charlotte was a baby that works perfectly. Both bags are linked below. 

Fawn Design, Original Backpack in brown -

JUJUBE, Be Light in Queen Of The Nile -

5. Sleeping Arrangements 

So this can go a few different ways, for us we got the snuggle me organic and started with a beautiful bassinet from Design Dua with a wooden stand to go at the end of our bed. When Forrest was about 2 months old we ended up switching and getting a mini crib. We don't have small babies and the bassinet was just getting a bit tight for him haha. So you can skip the bassinet all together and just get the mini crib and stick the snuggle me organic OR dock a tot that fits right in the mini crib my sister gave us a Dock a tot and love it as well. The snuggle me organic or dock a tot are great when they are small to use as a bed that you can stick anywhere when traveling. I can not link a dock a tot as Canadians don't have access to their website!!

Snuggle Me Organic -

Design Dua Bassinet -

Origami Mini Crib -




6. Blankets & Swaddles 

I always had such a crazy amount of receiving blankets, swaddles and baby blankets. This time around it was hard to keep it to a minimum haha. Keeping it simple, I made a couple blankets from our son's old receiving blankets and then only bought a couple more. I will link below our favourite waffle knit blanket. For the muslin blankets we only have about 6 of them (which I even find is too many) and they are from these three shops … 

LouLou Lollipop - 

Snuggle Hunny Kids -

Favourite Waffle Knit Blanket -

7. Bathing Essentials

All you need to bath a babe is a face cloth, towel, the soap, and a couple toys when they get older. We kept this super simple with organic baby towels from Burts Bees, a pack of organic Burts Bees face clothes, the XOX tot foldable bathtub, and the baby wash we have decided to go with is from Tubby Todd.  We originally started out with a simple bath seat off Amazon that was $25 but it wasn't working the best for us so we opted to get the foldable bath tub. All the links are below.

Burts Bees Organic Towel -

Burts Bees Organic Face clothes -

Bathing seat for the Sink -

Tubby Todd Bath Time Essentials -

XOX TOT Foldable Bathtub - 

8. Feeding Time 

I have breastfed all my kiddos but I have also pumped as well for back up or when they start eating I mix it with their cereal. This time around will be the same thing, but also the odd bottle feed will happen as the two older kids want to be really involved with the new guy. He will get a bottle from big brother or sister or even Tyler the odd time so they can bond with Forrest as well. We are a pacifier family and I like them haha. Our oldest Mason took a soother and then had issues with nursing so I took it away. Once we got the nursing down pat he never took a soother again! Our daughter Charley, took a soother from week 1! Our newest addition Forrest prefers his fingers despite my best efforts to break that habit and make him take a pacifier… I have lost this battle. I am  a huge fan of nursing pillows because the first few months settling into breastfeeding is so important.. the more comfortable and relaxed you are, the smoother the process will go.  For the breast pump, bottles, and nursing pillow we are using the links below. 

Breast Pump -

Bottles -

Nursing pillow -

In this category once Forrest reaches the age of starting to eat we planned to get him one of two high chairs but the UPSeat has been so great we will probably just be using this unless we do need something else. In the summer when he is a year old we may get him an IKEA highchair or a Pop N’ Sit  to keep outside as we are outside a lot and it would keep things pretty easy.   Linked  below are the 2 high chairs and a lobster highchair that we considered getting and would have got if we didnt end up getting the UPSeat.  

Pop N’ Sit Portable High chair -Édition-Sweet/dp/B07PLVF8G4/ref=pd_sbs_263_5/131-8445197-5581024?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07PLVF8G4&pd_rd_r=40420bfb-c206-4678-ae9d-448f1516bcd3&pd_rd_w=69tLY&pd_rd_wg=UzHxA&pf_rd_p=0ec96c83-1800-4e36-8486-44f5573a2612&pf_rd_r=EB4JCNRTKF2WHS18CNJH&psc=1&refRID=EB4JCNRTKF2WHS18CNJH

IKEA Highchair -

Lobster Chair For The Island -

9. Baby Swing/Chair

This is not essential for EVERY baby. My son Mason could have cared less if he was laying on a bed, couch, or being held haha, Charlotte on the other hand… If she wasn't moving or being held it was world war 3. We used the Mamaroo for her and it was amazing. We have done the same thing we did with Charlotte. There is no point buying a swing if the baby doesn't NEED to be rocked or moved all the time so we waited to see if Forrest really needed one or not. To be prepared, we did make sure that we had the space in the living room beside the couch just in case. We have ended up getting one again, so this is the swing we got. We have also ended up getting Forrest an UPSEAT, it is like the Bumbo chair but it is better for their posture and muscle development. It also comes with the tray unlike the bumbo chair. 

Mamaroo by 4 Mums -




10. Clothes 

Ahhhh one of my favourite things is getting to pick out all the baby clothes. There is no way I can link all of my favourite individual pieces we got but I will just link my favorite stores below. We kept clothing to a minimum, because we obviously have very minimal space. This also makes a lot of clothing choices neutral so you can mix and match almost anything. We got Forrest the basics, and then a few extra pieces that were too cute.

Zara Baby -

Knotted Cloth -

Kyte Baby -

H&M (for neutral basics) -

Two Darlings (clothes & bonnets) -

It has been a while since I've been a 'new' mom but babies are still babies and they don't need a lot! These are OUR favourite things and what we find essential. This is literally everything we had in our home for babies' arrival. Not everyone will agree with this list or you may need more items then what I have listed. This is just what works for us being a minimalist family of 5 living in 400 sq ft. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions at all drop a comment below or message me on instagram!


Lots Of Love 

The Murray's


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