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First and foremost we are an outdoor family. Living tiny we do spend most of our extra time outside. But obviously we aren't out there 24/7. A couple years ago we were that ‘house’ that had toys everywhere and SOO many!! The investments we have made in toys is CRAZY (shamefully admitting to the public). Both kids had their rooms filled with toys and then toys in the school room, living room, and SO many more outside. A couple years ago we started our downsizing and minimalist approach on things. When we started downsizing the toys it was hard on the kids and us. It was sooo much work every couple days going through a new pile trying to get the kids to let go of things. NOW, we never buy things on a whim or anything that won't last. All of these toys are able to go through multiple children and at least for our kids they never get sick of them. 

1. TEGU Wooden Magnetic Blocks

I can not begin to explain how amazing these blocks are. They are indestructible and good for EVERY age. From 6 months and on when they start banging toys around to adults haha, yes I enjoy sitting down with the kids building cool stuff with them. This company also has a great back story. It was created in honduras specifically to create jobs for those who didn't have work. These blocks come in different colour sets and sizes. The kids also mix playing these blocks with the kinetic sand to make some really cool things. They may not be the cheapest blocks but like I said, they last forever unlike others, you can't ruin them, and amazing for every age. 
TEGU Blocks, 

2. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is amazing from the age they know not to eat it ;) all the way to adults. I can’t tell you how many times I snag a hand full from the kids bin and I sit and play with it. It is a cool version of those calming sand gardens to relax. We invested in a few packs of kinetic sand and keep it in a large bin. The kids will build things with their TEGU blocks in the sand we also have a small pack of animals and they can play with this set up endlessly! The options are endless with this sand. It is also amazing and easy to clean up!!!! I have linked the sand and a pack of animals below.
Kinetic Sand,
Mini Garden Tools,

3. Himiku Balancing Blocks

These are super fun wood blocks. Once again, for every age. Forrest throws them around now at almost 5 months old and the kids and I love seeing who can build the tallest tower fastest without falling over,  Mason usually always wins haha. I do have a coupon code for these amazing blocks which is ‘MURRAYLIFE20’ Or you can use my link listed below. 
Himiku Blocks

4. LEGO 

We have been huge fans of LEGO since Mason was about 3, so 8.5 years! Babies can't play with lego until they know not to put it in their mouth obviously haha! But It's great because there are endless things you can build and Tyler and I love getting in there with the kids.  You can get one box (the first link below) and then every once in a while surprise your child with a small set they can build that's fun for the kids and an amazing creative outlet. Building  LEGO has an endless list of hidden benefits as well these are a few:
-Teaches the child to follow instructions
-Gets children to pay attention to detail
-Creates Interest in Art, Design, and architecture 
-Helps improve attention span 
-You can use lego as math manipulatives
-Build letters out of the bricks to help learn the letters and sounds
So no shame letting your kids play lego for endless hours of the day ;)
Classic lego bricks in a storage bin, 
Storage bins we use,
Building Platform 
IKEA just started selling Lego and lego storage bins, and we love it! Linked below,
That is the list of main toys our kids play with pretty much every day and there is never a reason for them to be bored. The next couple toys are more of our favourites but are more age specific. And all are good for small spaces and keeping the minimalist lifestyle. 

Mason’s Picks 

HEXBugs (charley also loves these)
Other HEXBugs

Charley’s Pick 

Calico Critter family
Kitchen Set
Living Room Set 
Doll House From IKEA We Have,

Forrest’s Picks

Fanfan The Fawn 
Sofia The Giraffe 
Sofia Teething Ring
Stick & Spin Monkey
Chubby Gum Teether 


First, have a basket for each kind of toy, and don't get more than will fit in the basket. Just stay within those boundaries and keep it simple. IF you find yourself wanting to switch toys out more often, get a new small lego set or accessory for something.  Before you buy it, talk to your child about filling a sandwich baggie from what's in the bin already and sending it to a friend to enjoy. This promotes kindness and generosity too. Also the first 3 toys listed at the top are a one and done kind of toy, there are not a bunch of accessories that go along with them. 
That’s it, that is all of our favourite toys and pretty much all we have here in the RV aside from a small craft bin! When we downsized this is all that stuck haha. I did my best to find links with the best prices. I hope this helps with buying presents for your littles and creates some fun family time. If you have any questions or comments feel free to message us on Instagram, or leave a comment here. 

Lots Of Love,

The Murrays

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